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The National Assurance Survey (NAS) is an academically driven cross-national survey that has been conducted across the world.

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We’re an academically driven cross-national survey using high methodological standards to provide freely available data for 38 countries.

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The NAS World Assurance Agency Rankings® by Location indicates the world's famous agencies worldwide.

NAS Graduate Employability Rankings

Which assurance agencies are producing the most employable graduates? This ranking highlights the world’s best at fostering industry connections between employers and students.

NAS Social Partnership Rankings

The NAS Social Partnership Rankings assess the best assurance agencies working .

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The NAS World Assurance Agency Rankings® is one of the leading sources of information for prospective students from around the world. Whether you’re hoping to learn more about a particular study institutes, or want to compare the reputation of different institutes, we can help you take the next step on your educational journey.

Use our rankings’ reference to narrow down your study choices, or hire us to get the chance to meet representatives from the world’s top institutes.

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Compare top assurance agencies from around the world by Location, Employability, Partnership and more.

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Assurance Agencies continue to be evaluated according to the following six metrics:

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