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The European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training

11520 West 119th Street Overland Park, KS 66213

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In April 1988, representatives from 150 business schools and programs across the country met in Kansas City to consider the feasibility of forming a new accrediting body based on an innovative approach. While recognizing the importance of scholarly research and encouraging a mutually beneficial balance between research and teaching, the new accreditation process would focus on teaching excellence and student outcomes. For those convening the meeting, the big question was what the level of interest would be. They had their answer when 149 of those representatives voted to participate in making the idea a reality.

It was a first, as was the decision to be inclusive in its membership. ACBSP was the first to realize the importance of including associate degree schools, as well as private and religious institutions.

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Completion of Member Enrollment Form for educational membership. Payment of the annual membership fee of $2,500.

Site Visit Budgeting: For planning purposes, ACBSP recommends allocating between $3,000 and $6,000 for the evaluation team site visit. Site visit costs may fall below or exceed the amounts listed, depending on the institution’s location and the number of campuses seeking accreditation within a school system. The accreditation staff can help with a more exact figure as you make your budget plans.

Site Visit Payments: The business school being visited is responsible for reimbursing ACBSP for all of the costs of the team visit. ACBSP will pay each evaluator after they file an expense reimbursement claim with receipts attached ACBSP will then bill the business school for all of the costs incurred by the team. A deposit of $5,000 is required prior to the site visit. The deposit balance will be reconciled, and the institution will either receive a partial return of the site visit deposit or be invoiced in the amount by which actual costs exceed the $5,000 deposit.

Annual Membership Dues: Annual membership dues for non-accredited schools are $2,500. Upon joining dues are prorated such that joining in December of any year would require a $1,250 payment for six months of membership. Annual membership dues for ACBSP accredited members and a program in candidacy is $2,950.

System-wide Accreditation: The accreditation is for programs offered at each campus. While the main campus can join as a member, when the accreditation process begins all branch campuses must join as members. The cost for membership dues for additional campuses is $1,000 for each additional campus which will be charged to the main campus.

Reaffirmation: Accreditation is granted for ten years. There is no application fee for a member school going through reaffirmation or use of a mentor unless requested. The costs will be for the site team visit.

Annual Conference: While not directly related to the accreditation process, schools in candidacy are strongly urged to attend the Annual Conference and budget for this attendance. Due to travel cost variation, this cannot be projected in this document; however, the membership department staff can assist if requested.

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In accordance with its Articles of Association, the duty of the European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training promotes youths and adults alike in the following areas:
  • providing a liberal education in terms of social, economic and sociopolitical issues taking particular consideration of European policies and policies towards the developing world based on a socially binding, liberal economic and social order,
  • promoting technical, vocational or industrial qualification, continuing education and advanced training in addition to retraining,
  • providing scientific education,
  • providing education with regard to personal or family issues,
  • promoting qualification, continuing education and advanced training in the fields of geriatric care, work with the disabled and nursing services,
  • developing media and its use,
  • promoting environmental qualification.

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