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Accreditation of Qualifications

SQA Accreditation has a remit from Scottish Government to accredit any type of qualification other than university degrees.  We only accredit qualifications from approved awarding bodies.  We will not normally accredit qualifications which are delivered and assessed in languages other than English and Gaelic (although we will also consider, in appropriate cases, the use of British Sign Language (BSL)). 

We also advise and support sector skills organisations in the development of National Occupational Standards (NOS) and Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs) and awarding bodies in the development of qualifications.

We are an approved SCQF credit rating body.

Advice and approval

We have an advisory role and a formal approval role in each of the following stages:

Accreditation of qualifications

We accredit qualifications which assess knowledge, understanding and occupational competence in the workplace:

  • SVQs — Accreditation is mandatory for SVQs.  We are the only body that accredits and SCQF credit rates SVQs.
  • Regulatory and other work-based qualifications — some of which are contained in apprenticeships.
  • Workplace Core Skills  — designed for use with SVQs and a component of Modern Apprenticeship Frameworks in Scotland.

We also accredit qualifications which assess expertise in areas which are not necessarily work related. These include exam-based qualifications such as music and dance performance.

If you want your qualification accredited, please contact your SQA Accreditation Manager.