Accreditation Process

BMQAC grant accreditation as per requirement of ISO 17011. BMQAC invite application from agencies looking for accreditation of BMQAC.

Accreditation is recognition of the certification to ensure the independence and it increases the credibility of the CAB.

Agencies interested to apply to BMQAC may write a mail to BMQAC at

Once you register as intended CAB, CAB shall have access to the documents & application form. CAB may apply to BMQAC by filling the application form and necessary action shall be taken by the BMQAC.

CAB may choose to opt for pre assessment audit before final assessment. It is to be noted that Pre Assessment is optional and CAB may choose to opt for pre assessment or not. Pre assessment helps the CAB to avoid major failure as during the assessment, readiness of the CAB is checked. No Consultancy shall be given, but formal report of finding of the pre assessment shall be given to CAB.

Please note that pre assessment report shall be confidential and shall not for public use. CAB shall abide to maintain the confidentiality of the pre assessment of report. Further Pre assessment report can’t be criteria or guarantee for successful completion of the office assessment.

For more details, please write to