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Asia Pacific Quality Network

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Founded in 2003, the Asia-Pacific Quality Network (APQN) is a non-governmental and non-profit network who has been striving for “Enhancing the Quality of Higher Education in the Asia-Pacific Region” and “Dissolving Boundaries for a Quality Region”.

After 18-year development, APQN has 246 members from 41 countries and territories, becomes the largest and the most influential international organization on higher education in this Region. APQN has played a crucial and unique role in improving the QA mechanism, exchanging theory and practice experiences, promoting substantive co-operations, establishing Consultant Bank, reviewing Asia-Pacific Quality Register(APQR) and Asia-Pacific Quality Label(APQL) in this Region.

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The fee amount is determined by the General Council which is composed of Full Members, Intermediate Members, Associate Members and Institutional Members. The 2016 Annual General Meeting(AGM) has approved the result of the electronic voting for the proposal to increase the membership fees standard from the year 2017. That is USD 100.00 will be added for all categories of members and observers starting from the year 2017. The increased membership fees will be used to bring more benefit for members and keep the sustainability of APQN. See the following table. APQN Membership fee since 2017
CategoriesMemberObserver Status
Initial Joining Fee$500$500$500$500N/A
Member Fee (if non-INQAAHE member)$400$400$300$300$250
Member Fee (if INQAAHE member)$380$380$300$300$250

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APQN Quality Awards were initiated in 2013 which aimed to mark decennial celebrations of APQN. By 2016, 38 awards have been given to prize winners both within and outside the Asia-Pacific Region. As feedback to APQN Quality Awards has been very encouraging, APQN Board decided that awards would continue every year but some of the Award themes may change accordingly.

APQN would encourage members which have been doing much more outstanding work individually,institutionally, nationally as well asinternationally to submit applications for Quality Awards. APQN Quality Award is intended to identify and distinguish extraordinary or prominent QA contributions and good practices that have potential of replications in the Asia-Pacific area. APQN Criteria and Chiba principles will be generally applied to all categories as selection criteria.

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