ASIC Consultancy Services

ASIC Consultancy Service (ACS) offer professional consultancy services to educators in all fields including both new start-ups and established institutions. To provide this service, ASIC draws upon a vast pool of experienced consultants, with a successful track record of providing custom solutions to institutions across the world.

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Consultancy Maurice

Consultancy for a wide variety of institutions

Our services are suitable for a wide variety of educational institutions, such as privately run foundations, NGO’s, government run schools, major corporations or investment groups, new start-ups, private colleges, universities and academies.

ASIC has a wealth of experience in providing consultancy services to a huge range of education institutions around the globe. Our experts have a collective background of participation in the development and management of many types of institution. Some of the many institutions ASIC consultants have worked with include:

  • International universities (certificate, diploma, undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral level)
  • For-profit or non-profit institutions
  • Institutions running curriculum from the US, UK, or other regions
  • Religious institutions (e.g., Christian, Catholic, Sikh, Muslim)
  • ESL/language institutions
  • International schools
  • Private colleges
  • On line institutions

Our experts have assisted institutions in the USA, South America, the Middle East and Central and South East Asia, Africa, Europe and the UK. Thanks to our immense experience across different countries, cultures and methods of education we can offer the skill and the flexibility to assist you in developing your vision, whatever the institution.

How we can help

Working together with the Vice Chancellors, Presidents, CEO’s and Boards of our client organisations, we can determine how best to help the organisation achieve its goals and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their institution.


As part of the customised solutions we can offer, we can help with:

  • New institution set up
  • Strategic and future planning
  • Board governance
  • Institution management
  • Financial planning and resource management
  • Evaluation and support for the institution heads
  • Coaching for board chairs and institution heads
  • Curriculum development and teacher training
  • Institutional assessments
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Climate and faculty culture improvement
  • Crisis and change management
  • Institution and faculty recruitment
  • Marketing and recruiting
  • International student recruitment
  • International development
  • Internationalisation indexing

11Our team boasts a unique collection of specialised professionals drawn from the education sector and its supporting services. Our highly experienced team of consultants boasts hundreds of cumulative years of education experience and are well placed to provide the guidance and expertise any educational institution, either public or private, might need.

Excellent for new start-up institutions

Among the many individual services we provide as part of our institution development process, you can benefit from our help in:

  • Developing a compelling and unique vision for your institution
  • Creating a strategic work plan, mission, values, core goals, and operational plan
  • Developing a business plan for the start-up and initial five year budget for your organisation and supporting your ongoing financial plans
  • Recruitment and training of the key senior administration and board personnel to build a strong leadership team
  • Managing personnel needs, recruitment, contracts and job descriptions
  • Building your educational programme and curriculum
  • Determining what initial programmes to offer and the phase-in stages for later ones.
  • Aligning your marketing plan with your vision to ensure you meet demand
  • Development of international partnerships
  • Arrangement for validation services
  • Establishing systems to manage students, records and accounting
  • Support in developing a procurement process
  • Preparation of staff policies, handbooks and manuals for staff, students and parents
  • Preparing for national and international accreditation.

Our accumulated knowledge and expertise can provide the essential guidance and foresight you will need to face the challenges of starting and running a private institution.

Quality Assurance

ASIC are ISO9001:2008 accredited by the UKAS approved organisation, DAS Certification. To ensure we remain able to deliver the high quality service our customers demand, we keep a commitment to rigorous self-evaluation, improvement and quality assurance. We regularly review our process and progress as well as customer feedback to ensure that we deliver the best service possible. Our consultancy has also been specifically accredited under a number of quality assurance schemes.

ASIC Surgeries

ASIC Surgeries

As every institution is unique and has individual needs, we believe it is important to provide bespoke advice and guidance to those we work with. In the last two years, many of our institutions have enjoyed the benefits of a tailored consultancy service during which they can visit the ASIC office to talk about specific issues relating to them.

If you wish to make an appointment to speak to our Chairman or another senior member of staff, please get in touch with Florence Waniwa at These surgeries are offered to our accredited institutions at no extra cost, as they are included in the annual accreditation fee.

ASIC Helpdesks

We will be continuing our helpdesks covering the following topics:

  • Ongoing quality assurance
  • Institutional management
  • Partnership development
  • Health and safety matters
  • Developing and diversifying the courses on offer
  • Marketing and recruitment