The Board of Directors of INQAAHE presents this call for proposals to host INQAAHE Forum 2024 and seeks expressions of interest from member agencies.

The INQAAHE Forum is a biennial gathering of quality assurance professionals from around the world to discuss emerging issues and best practice in higher education quality assurance. The event offers an enhancement platform for QA professionals and HE policymakers and other key stakeholders and features pre-Forum workshops, a regional networks meeting, a 2-day Forum around emerging issues delivered through interactive learning sessions, networking events, and an INQAAHE General Assembly meeting.

Agencies interested in hosting the event should note that it is not the practice to hold events in the same region or continent where a recent INQAAHE Conference or Forum took place. Considering the venues for the INQAAHE annual events for, at least, the last ten years, preferences for hosting the INQAAHE Forum 2024 will be given to the following regions:

  • East and Southeast Asia;
  • South America and the Caribbean;
  • North America; and
  • Francophone Africa.

Submission of proposals to host the INQAAHE Forum 2024 should be made to the INQAAHE Board through the Secretariat. There will be a two-step process for members interested in hosting the INQAAHE Forum 2024, with the first step being the submission of a formal letter of intent with the preliminary proposal. The letter of intent and the preliminary proposal must be submitted electronically using this application form to by January 31, 2022.

Please read the official bid to host INQAAHE Forum 2024 prior to submitting the preliminary proposal. This document provides an overview of the review and the decision-making process to be followed with regard to the handling of all submitted proposals.