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This report is part of a series of country reports that QAA, as part of its contractual arrangement with the four national funding bodies, regularly produces to offer higher education providers an insight into the higher education and regulatory landscape of key countries for UK transnational education (TNE). The reports offer high-level information and intelligence about regulations, challenges and opportunities, signposting sources of further information.

Some of our country reports are associated with TNE review activity, in which case they also include the main lessons learned from reviewing TNE in the subject country, for the benefit of the whole sector. This country report on the Republic of Ireland is associated with the
review of UK TNE in Ireland carried out in 2017.

In producing these reports, and in reviewing UK TNE, QAA seeks to liaise with local regulators and quality assurance agencies, and other UK sector bodies with relevant expertise. QAA has a number of strategic partnerships with counterpart agencies in key countries for UK TNE. These are a source of intelligence and direct access to up-to-date information about local regulatory developments.

We would like to thank our partner agency in Ireland, Quality and Qualifications Ireland, for its valuable support in developing this report, and throughout the TNE review process.