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The European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education

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In most European countries, higher education institutions or study programmes are subject to regular external review by a quality assurance agency.

The European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education (EQAR) is the official register of such agencies, listing those that work in line with an agreed common framework to ensure the quality of higher education institutions and study programmes.

EQAR launched the Database of External Quality Assurance Results (DEQAR) in 2018 to ensure direct access to the reports and decisions of EQAR-registered agencies.

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Applicants and registered agencies are expected to pay: an application fee and an annual listing fee.

The applicant will receive an invoice for the application fee after submission of the review documents. The application fee is not refundable (see the FAQ for further details).

If the application is approved, the annual listing fee must be paid for each year of inclusion on the register. Agencies will receive an invoice for each calendar year (for the first time a few weeks after their inclusion, then in the beginning of each year), requesting payment of the listing fee for full months included on the register in the respective year.

For instance, an agency, from an EHEA member country, registered from 15/4/2013 until 31/5/2015 would receive the following invoices (excl. VAT):

Applicants that have their registered office in a state party to the European Cultural Convention will be charged a reduced “EHEA” fee. All other applicants will be charged the “Full” fee.

Application and listing fees apply as of 1 January 2013
 EHEA FeeFull Fee
 ex vatinc vatex vatinc vat
application fee1 032,00 €1 248,72 €2 064,00 €2 497,44 €
monthly listing fee86,00 €104,06 €172,00 €208,12 €

According to the EQAR Register Committee’s decision of 5/6 June 2016, an agency’s registration will be suspended if the annual fee has not been settled by the end of the year (31 December).

During the suspension, the agency will be listed on a separate page with a list of “suspended entries”, with an explanation why the registration is suspended, and disappear from all maps and listings. Once the fees are paid, the agency will be automatically reinstated on the Register, with its original registration date.

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EQAR’s vision is a coherent quality assurance framework for the European Higher Education Area.

EQAR recognises the diversity of approaches to external quality assurance and is therefore open to all agencies, whether operating at programme or institutional level, and whether providing accreditation, evaluation or audit services.

EQAR is committed to the principles on which the ESG are based: external quality assurance should recognise the central responsibility of higher education institutions for quality development and should be carried out by independent quality assurance agencies in a transparent, objective and responsible manner, involving their stakeholders and leading to substantiated results based on well-defined procedures and criteria.

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