Evaluation and Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions

NIAD-QE conducts third-party evaluation of higher education institutions to assist universities and colleges in enhancing the quality of their education and research activities. NIAD-QE tries to ensure that universities and colleges enhance each other’s quality by conducting objective evaluations with the involvement of university personnel and others who are highly qualified. NIAD-QE also leads the evaluation of education and research at Japanese universities and colleges by acquiring, arranging, and distributing information concerning university evaluations.

Certified Evaluation and Accreditation (CEA) 

NIAD-QE is certified by the MEXT’s Minister as an evaluation and accreditation organization of universities, colleges of technology and law schools. Here is a quick link to the Results of Certified Evaluation and Accreditation by NIAD-QE. 

Institutional Thematic Assessments (ITA) 

NIAD-QE offers three thematic assessments on distinctive features of universities that have applied. Theme A: Research Activities, B: Community Engagement, and C: Internationalization of Higher Education.

Third-Party Evaluation

NIAD-QE conducted a Third-Party Evaluation to the United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability in FY2014. Here is an English translation of the Third-Party Evaluation Final Report .

National University Corporation Education and Research Evaluation 

NIAD-QE has been commissioned by MEXT’s National University Corporation Evaluation Committee to undertake the evaluation of attainment of medium-term objectives for education and research.

Review of Evaluation and Accreditation Works – Verification 

NIAD-QE conducts an annual survey among the institutions that have CEA and ITA, and among the evaluators who conducted the evaluations. The survey focuses on evaluation methods, and then verifies the effectiveness of evaluations.