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To view case studies of INAB accredited clients – please see our two promotional publications that include a number of recent case studies.



Case studies from around the world 

Public Sector Assurance, a website developed by IAF / ILAC / ISO / IEC / IIOC, showcases the benefits of accredited testing, inspection, and certification to meet policy objectives. Public Sector Assurance showcases how accredited conformity assessment is used around the world by central government, local government and regulators to deliver positive benefit.

 Business Benefits There are many cases where standards and accredited conformity assessment help businesses of any size and sector reduce costs, increase productivity and access new markets. This site includes case studies, research papers, and supporting materials that confirm these benefits for the business community.  IAF / ILAC / ISO / IEC / IIOC / WTO were just some of the bodies involved in its development see here for the full list.