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KAB is now noted for IAF MLA scope extension for ISO 45001

Recently, IAF 34th Annual General Assembly(GA) meeting was held in the form of webinars using ZOOM on 5th, Nov.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, year 2020’s IAF annual meetings were held by web-conferencing.
According to IAF 2020 approved GA resolutions, IAF has noted the MLA scope extensions for several IAF ABs including KAB for ISO 45001.
For the list of ABs recognized for ISO 45001 MLA is as follows;
(IAF Resolution 2020-22)AA Austria, ACCREDIA Italy, ATS Serbia, BSCA Belarus, CAI Czech Republic, DAkkS Germany, DANAK Denmark, DPA Albania, EA-BAS Bulgaria, ENAC Spain, ESYD Greece, FINAS Finland, IARNM Republic of North Macedonia, INAB Ireland, IPAC Portugal, LA Lithuania, NA Norway, NAAU Ukraine, NAH Hungary, PCA Poland, RENAR Romania, RvA Netherlands, SA Slovenia, SNAS Slovakia, SWEDAC Sweden, TUNAC Tunisia, TURKAK Turkey, UKAS United Kingdom (EA); ANAB United States of America, DSM Malaysia, EMA Mexico, HKAS Hong Kong, China, JAS-ANZ Australia & New Zealand, IAS United States of America, KAB Korea, NABCB India, NACI Iran, SAC Singapore, SCC Canada, TAF Chinese Taipei (APAC), EGAC Egypt, SADCAS Southern Africa, SANAS South Africa (AFRAC); ONAC Colombia, OUA Uruguay (IAAC) – SubScope: Level 4: ISO/IEC TS 17021-10; Sub-Scope: Level 5: ISO 45001
Also APAC, the regional accreditation group which KAB is the member of, is noted for ISO 45001. For other MLA scope extensions, APAC is noted for – Sub-Scope: Level 4: ISO/IEC TS 17021-10; Sub-Scopes: Level 5: FAMI-QS Certification Scheme, IPC-PL-11-006, ISO 45001
You can find out the full version of approved resolutions on https://www.iaf.nu/articles/Publication_of_Resolutions_from_34th_IAF_General_Assembly/669