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Launch of New Accreditation Areas under Product Certification Scheme

The Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) is pleased to expand our Accreditation Scheme for Product Certification to include two new accreditation areas for Alternative Structural Steel and In-situ Tensioning Works with effect from 30 November 2021.

The new accreditation areas will provide assurance that the certifications are carried out by competent certification bodies (CBs) and will be recognised by the Building Construction Authority (BCA) in their respective regime.

The Accreditation Programme for Alternative Structural Steel (in BC1) Certification is to accredit CBs certifying the Factory Production Control (FPC) systems of steel manufacturers according to BC1 design code requirement. It ensures resilient supply of construction steel to Singapore, without compromising product conformity and quality assurance. Effective from 1 Jan 2024, only SAC accredited certificates will be accepted by BCA for all structural steel works.

The Accreditation Programme for In-situ Post Tensioning Works Certification ensures consistent product manufacturing of Post Tensioning kit or materials, quality control of processes and provides confidence to the product quality. It raises the competency and professionalism of specialist builders under the BCA Builders Licensing Framework. Tentatively from June 2023, only SAC accredited certificates will be accepted by BCA during the renewal of specialist builder’s license for in-situ post-tensioning work.

Interested applicants will be assessed based on ISO/IEC 17065 and respective SAC document, CT 24 – SAC Criteria for Certification Bodies (Alternative Structural Steel in BC1) and/or CT 22 – SAC Criteria for Certification Bodies (In-situ Post Tensioning Works) under the accreditation scheme for product certification body.

Application for accreditation is now open through the SAC accreditation portal, SACiNet