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Qualifications We Accredit

By ‘accredit’ or ‘accreditation’ we mean the process by which SQA Accreditation decides if an SQA approved awarding body satisfies the Regulatory Principles and Regulatory Principles Directives necessary to successfully award and certificate a given unit or qualification.

We accredit:

  • Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs)
  • Regulatory and Licensing qualifications
  • Other qualifications

Qualifications are accredited for a finite period. When a qualification reaches the end of its accreditation period, it may be withdrawn, extended or replaced by an updated qualification.

Scottish Vocational Qualifications           

SVQs are qualifications which combine skills, knowledge and ability within a specific occupational area.  They measure an individual’s competence to perform specific job functions. SVQs are normally assessed in the workplace and can be taken at a pace which suits both the learner and his/her employer.

Regulatory and Licensing qualifications 

Regulatory and Licensing qualifications are required for some regulated job roles.

Examples include:

Other qualifications

SQA Accreditation can accredit any qualification which is formally assessed and has external quality assurance, but is not a degree. SQA approved awarding bodies might wish to seek accreditation but this is only compulsory where the qualification is in the mandatory section of a Scottish Apprenticeship framework.

Examples include: