Virtual trip in Tübingen for a fruitful DAMAS’ partners meeting

The DAMAS project partnership held a transnational partners meeting, hosted by BBQ – Bildung und Berufliche Qualifizierung on 29 and 30 November 2021. Due to travel restrictions, partners had to meet virtually. Interaction was animated thanks to some introduction games organized by the host of the meeting. Project partners had the opportunity to discover more about the German automotive sector, and more precisely in Baden-Württemberg.

During the first day, the leaders of Intellectual Output 1, Government of Catalonia – Department of Education-, presented the results of the DAMAS survey, which aims at analysing the possibility of telematic monitoring of apprenticeship practices, in the field of mechanical manufacturing in the automotive sector. This survey was shared with schools and companies by the project partners in their regions. Thanks to the survey’s results, project partners will be able to draft guidelines on the implementation of digital training and virtual mobilities in the automotive sector (Intellectual Output 2). In the coming year, a platform to be able to take part in virtual mobilities will also be developed in the project (Intellectual Output 3).

The expected project’s  outcomes and results are the following:

  • Creation of a tool for implementing blended and online training in the automotive sector taking into account universal inclusion principles
  • Testing the tool through the participation of training centers and companies among different countries
  • Promotion of the blended and online VET apprentice mobilities through the tool and content developed
  • Creation of an European network for companies and training centers interaction.
  • Encouraging people with difficulties to perform digital mobility.
  • Helping to promote green economy principles.

The two-day meeting ended with a virtual tour and presentation of the city of Stuttgart.  Project partners are hoping to be able to see each other physically next spring.